Translators on Books that Should be Translated


Slavenka Drakulić, “Marble Skin” (1989), reviewed by Serena Todesco

Maša Kolanović, “Sloboština Barbie” (2008), reviewed by Ena Selimović

Yordanka Beleva, “Keder” (Janet 45, 2018), reviewed by Izidora Angel

Diana Çuli, “Dreri i Trotuarëve” (Toena, 2013), reviewed by Barbara Halla

Roberto Carretta and Renato Viola, “Indigo” (Aragno, 2011), reviewed by Stiliana Milkova

Silvio Perrella, “Io ho paura” (Neri Pozza, 2018), reviewed by Enrica Maria Ferrara

In a May 2019 article in Vulture, Chad Post, the publisher of Open Letter Books and a prominent advocate of translated literature, estimates that there are “1,500 titles a year, at a minimum, that publishers could (should?) be translating into English.” On this page we will publish short essays by translators who discuss books that could and should be translated into English. The column is premised on the following:

  • it aims to highlight interesting and valuable literary works from a wide range of linguistic and literary traditions that merit translation into English;
  • its contributors are not promoting their own translations — that is, the authors of the essays published here are not translating (or planning to translate) the work(s) they are discussing;
  • it intends to call publishers’ attention to literary works from around the world that they may not have noticed otherwise;
  • and, as always, it aims to underscore and endorse the translator’s highly creative and intellectual labor.

Stiliana Milkova, Managing Editor


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Brouillon – the French word for draft – is a place for translators of all languages to explore and examine those endlessly fascinating and infinitely frustrating words, phrases, and motifs that seem impossible to translate. Brouillon is a collection of these moments. Comments and discussion are encouraged.


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