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Aiming to address the general neglect of translated literature in mainstream publications, Reading in Translation publishes reviews of translated literature written by translators.  Inspired by the PEN American Center Translation Committees work to make translation more visible, we hope our work serves as a model for reviews that evaluate the quality of the translation and acknowledge the contribution of the translator to the text. 

In Reading in Translation we carefully strive to cover literature that is diverse in theme and original language. We believe that: 

  • reviewing translated literature is a form of literary criticism;
  • some of the most exciting literature published today is written in  languages other than English;
  • and that translators are best equipped to review translated literature.

Our contributors are established as well as emerging translators, students or teachers of literary translation. 

Reading in Translation was founded by translator Lucina Schell who remains a contributing editor. The current editor of Reading in Translation, Stiliana Milkova, teaches Comparative Literature at Oberlin College and is the author of the first English-language monograph on Italian writer Elena Ferrante, Elena Ferrante as World Literature.

At Reading in Translation, Stiliana has inaugurated several new columns to expand the scope of the journal and to cover more topics in literary translation. Translators on Books that Should be Translated publishes essays on books that merit translation in English. Essays on Translation features short articles on translation theory and practice. And our special issues such as those on Elena Ferrante and on Natalia Ginzburg examine in detail the translated works of women writers through short essays, interviews, and first-time English translations.

For more on the genesis of Reading in Translation, see Lucina Schell’s interview with Lisa Carter at Intralingo

For more on our current editor’s involvement with the journal, see this Q&A with Stiliana Milkova.

Stiliana Milkova (Editor)

Lucina Schell (Founder and Contributing Editor)

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