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ReadingInTranslationLogossAre you a literary translator? Would you like to help increase the visibility of literary translation in reviews? Reading in Translation seeks reviews and interviews on the latest literature in translation from emerging and established active literary translators.

Why should you review others’ translations? There are both altruistic and selfish motives, and all are entirely valid.

Altruistic motives:

  • To support and promote the work of your colleagues
  • To support small presses
  • To bring greater attention to translated literature and the creative act of translation
  • To inform the average reader about new books in translation
  • As an act of “literary service,” to quote Aviya Kushner

Selfish motives:

  • Free books!
  • Read the most exciting forthcoming titles before they’re released
  • Another publication credit for your résumé
  • Build goodwill with publishers
  • Highlight your expertise in your source language(s)/culture(s)
  • Good karma

Why should you review for Reading in Translation?

  • You have more than 1,500 words to say about a translation
  • The translator(s) will be properly credited, and your comments on the translation will not be deleted for word count restrictions, or any other reason
  • Reading in Translation is read by your peers
  • Your work will be edited in close collaboration with you, ensuring you are represented by your best work

Please complete the form below if you are interested in writing a review or interviewing a translator.

Reading in Translation

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